Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cakes for tea time

I saw LionBrandYarn's pattern for frosted donuts a couple of months ago, and knew I had to make some for KJ's tea set. She also wanted me to make a piece of cake, and when I was googling for a pattern, I came across these patterns for mini cake sachets - so I made one, added a bottom, stuffed it, and voila -- a two-tiered pink icing topped cake. Of course, KJ wants all the cakes on the site, so Mom's back to work on those... I'm still looking for a good pattern to crochet a slice of cake, but I might end up giving it a go on my own... Yummy!

Lucy's crochet bags

One of my very favorite blogs to visit is Lucy's at Attic24. I love her love of color, and she has amazing patterns that she has posted for us crochet-aholics. I had to make her crochet bag for myself, and our youngest KJ wanted one in pink and purple (have I told you they are her very favorite colors yet?!), so here are both.
Some schmuzzies are peeking out of KJ's bag, those little devils ;-)


Our son S. just turned 9 years old, and his gift choice was for Mom to make him Mew. Of course, he wants me to make him EVERY Pokemon, but I asked him to prioritize please! Thanks so much to Biz for sharing her pattern!

Gotta make 'em all!

Hello Kitty!

Here's my first Hello Kitty for little KJ! I love the blog patterns posted by Armina, I'll be making probably every one she has on her blog.


Made this dinosaur for my little guy S. He was the second pattern I tried from the Amigurumi vol. 6 book I bought online from saucylouise over in Japan, when I bought my Hamanaka Raku Raku hooks. He's larger than I thought he would be, but S. loves him!


I finished Widget at the end of April, she's more an ami pattern than Wubbzy was. I've started Walden, but have put him on the back burner for some other projects that have come up. My dh laughs at me and mostly rolls his eyes, because I can't seem to just work on one thing at a time, I always seem to have several going at the same time!