Monday, May 10, 2010

Tunisian Squares

I'm working some tunisian squares now, and doing my own simple alphabet pattern, 8" square.

Yarn: worsted
Hook: size K

Chain 29; first stitch is not counted, and last stitch is TKS to maintain smooth edges.
Rows 1-4: TPS across and return. (I prefer Arnie & Kim's Purl)
Rows 5-25: 4 TPS, TKS across (work pattern), last 4 stitches TPS, very last stitch TKS.
Rows 26-28: TPS across and return.
Row 29: Pick up stitch as if to purl, YO and slip stitch, across to end. FO, leaving a 36" tail.

So far I have "A" done.  I'm thinking I'll do some A, B, C, that they can pepper in among other squares when they sew blankets together.  I'll post the finished (and tested!) patterns on the KAS Forum.

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