Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All My Ami - to date

A friend asked how many ami I've done so far, and I had trouble trying to count them in my head, so here they are all pictured here, minus the 7 Cub Scout Bear heads in progress, the 5 schmuzzies for Scotty, and my large project that I can't post yet, but safe to say it's almost 60, in less than 2 months. Yes, I'm ami-sessed! :-)

In the immortal words of Jack Skellington, "Confound it all, I love it though!"

Seriously Cute Ami

At the Twilight DVD release party, M. and I were waiting impatienly and reading some books while we were there eavesdropping on the Twilight quiz that the other revelers were participating in. I found the book "Seriously Cute Amigurumi," and had to buy it. The turtle is for our son S., and the mouse and baby lion are for K. She has since requested that I make all of them, the babies and mommies and daddies too. I'm still trying to get my Cub Scout Bears done for our May meeting, so we're in negotiations!


Mr. and Mrs. Gnome are done, thanks to the pattern I bought at Roxycraft.com. Mine are taller and not as squat as the sample photo that comes with the pattern, not sure why. They're cute though, and of course little K. has claimed them, and I'll need to make myself another pair!

Bella has hair!

So our daughter M. and I went to the Borders DVD release party for Twilight -- and that inspired me to finally try putting hair on Bella - it's a bit thin, though I used 2 skeins of floss, it's long so I will probably redo it and use 4 skeins next time. Also crocheted her a head band, as she wore one in most scenes to keep from looking like cousin It with the extra hairpiece she had.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Executor

Ok, the Pack's pinewood derby race was today, so now I can reveal The Car! Our son S. designed it after Darth Vader's Star Dreadnought Destroyer - The Executor - as seen in Star Wars Episodes V and VI, and combined with a speed swoop pinewood derby car design. It weighed in at 5.0 ounces, and consistently ran in speeds in the 2.3 second range. He won 1st place in our Bear Den out of 9 cars racing, and 7th out of the top 15 of the Pack (top 3 from each Den raced in the finals). Congratulations to S., and thank Heaven it's DONE until next year!

Leprechaun Hat

Here are the leprechaun hats I crocheted for myself and for our youngest, I also made one for our son. Modified Debbie's pattern a little, as the last row on the crown wasn't working right for me, and I think they turned out cute! I've since added some more shamrocks to mine - the more, the merrier!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Stitches From the Heart

Thanks to the LionBrand email newsletter sent out today, I'm a proud new member of Stitches From the Heart, an organization created to provide knit, quilted and crochet hats, booties, blankets and sweaters for babies through toddlers, to hospitals around the country. Check out their website, and see how you can help, too! It's a very worthy cause. Babies have always been near and dear to my heart.

I'm taking a break from the ami's to make some preemie baby hats and booties, once I finish my cub scout bears, that is!

Edward Cullen

"Look after my heart, I've left it with you."

Ok, I will be the first to admit that I am a hopeless Twimom. I had to make an Edward, and although I want to add more detail to his pea coat and style his hair a bit more, he turned out ok, thanks to the human patterns at GeekCentralStation.

Yes, Bella is next -- I finally finished my first large project-which-shall-be-nameless (for now), and hope to get Bella started this weekend. Then of course I'll have to make Alice and Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett, Esme and Carlisle, not to mention Jacob and the other werewolves, and can't forget Charlie and Renee... I hope to make a set for our teenager, as she's as Twicrazy as I am (though she won't admit it). We are counting down the days until the DVD release, so we can pick up our reserve copies! :-)

We're also working on our car for our Cub Scout Pack's pinewood derby, so I have to step away from my crochet for a bit and finish up the car with our son. Weigh-in is Thursday. I'll post pictures after the race next Saturday.

3/14/09 Update: Bella is made, she's just bald right now until I sew her hair on...

Master Yoda

"Judge me by my size, do you? And well you should not, for my ally is the Force."
Master Yoda was next, again thanks to Sami at her GeekCentralStation blog. I still have to make his cane out of sculpey, but it's on my list of things to do!
I admit, I bought her patterns for the Rebel heroes, as well as the pirate. They're on my list of things to do! I have to make a set of Rebels for myself, as well as for our son, since we're going to redecorate his room, Star Wars-style, complete with the Death Star all over his wall. Will post pics of that, when we get it going!


I found this pattern for a latte at Harugurumi's blog, and I had to make myself one! Of course, our youngest kiddo has since claimed it, and it's now a cup of hot cocoa. Yes, she's pestering me to make some mini marshmallows to put on top. :-)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Blue Totoro

When I found the totoro patterns, this one caught my son's eye first, and I told him I'd have to wait a bit to get it started, as it's so large. I actually got him done in one day, pretty much one sitting over the weekend. I just get so engrossed in them, I want to push on to get them done, no matter how sore my right hand and shoulder get!
He lives in his room now along with white totoro, pikachu, and torchic, far away from little sister's greedy hands. Thanks again to Heavens Hellcat for posting the patterns! Our little guy loves them!

Grizzella the Bear

Here is a bear I made for my husband. Her name is Grizzella, and she's dressed in our winter guard's uniform this year. Used the same free amigurumi bear pattern at LionBrand.com, that I'm using for the Cub Scout Bears.


Ok so our youngest saw the Fellowship figures, and she wanted one too, so I made her Sam's wife Rosie, dressed in purple, which is our little angel's favorite color. The hair isn't exactly as in the movie, but I couldn't leave her bald! :-)

Lord of the Rings

I found free patterns for The Lord of the Rings figures by Sami Resendes at her blog, GeekCentralStation, and so started the Fellowship of the Ring figures. Unfortunately, my other projects have delayed my finishing them so far -- I have nine little baldies waiting for hair, clothes, and accessories! As soon as my other project are done, I can get back to them! I'll post more individual pictures at my flickr site, which right now is having technical difficulties...


Our youngest loves "The Upside Down Show" on Nick, which only runs at 9pm and 9:30pm here in Colorado, so we've recorded all the shows thanks to Comcast's DVDR box. They have these little dust-bunny-like creatures called schmuzzies. I made these four for our little angel, modifying a dust bunny pattern at LionBrand.com. She loves them!

Cub Scout Bears

So then I got the brilliant idea to make bears for our Cub Scout Bear den scouts -- we have 12 scouts, so that will be 12 for them, then one for me of course, and one for my husband who's an assistant den leader, and then one for our other new assistant den leader, and then our youngest angel asked for one.... so that's at least 16... and 5 are done so far! They've been put on hold until I finish up my other project, which should be done soon. The Cub Scout Bears need to be done by first Monday in May, which shouldn't be a problem... (famous last words, I know!) Used the free pattern for amigurumi bear at LionBrand.com.


I made Torchic for our son, the pokemon master. Thanks Biz for posting the pattern! He's requested that I make Charizard next, so it's on the list of amis to do after my current major project! More on that in a bit...

Jack Skellington

Jack Skellington was for our youngest daughter - she is a major Jack fan. I found the pattern and she insisted that I make it for her right away. Thanks to April Draven for posting the pattern!