Saturday, April 18, 2009


A grumpie for my grumpy gal M...

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Creepy Cute Crochet - robot

After the Twi-DVD release night, I went back to Borders and picked up the few ami books they had there. One was Creepy Cute Crochet by Christen Haden. The figures are cute, though my heads turn out way smaller than the photos -- I must be doing something wrong. Well, little lady K. wanted Mommy to make her the robot, so here he is. I did fudge the head and widened it a bit, and it fit in the helmet way better.

Knock off imitation marshmallows!

Ok so I did get to make some, but not as many as I had hoped for the kiddos. Three chicks and six bunnies aren't too bad -- I sent one to my Executive Director as an Easter treat for her, lol. Chick pattern and bunny pattern. Thanks for posting. Make bunches for next Easter! They are quick, fun and oh so yummy! Maybe I'll get to make the felted nest next year, one for K. and one for myself -- I'll have to hide mine away from her, of course! :-)

Easter amis

I wanted to make special Easter amis for each of our kiddos, I had grand visions of making lots and lots of eggs, chicks, knock off imitation marshmallow chicks and bunnies -- and it just never happened. :-( Maybe I should start now, for next year -- after I get through this year's birthday and Christmas presents first! A hooker's job is never done, I'll tell ya! lol
Ok, K. got the traditional Easter bunny ami, made with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn!" so it's nice and soft. Here's the pattern - thanks to Britainy at craftymummy2two for sharing! Her arms and legs were tough to do, being so thin, but at least I didn't have to stuff them! I'm happy how she turned out, she's very cute and K. loves her.

S. wanted a blue bird when he saw the yellow one I had made, so here he is, perched on the Death Star shelf in his room. Someday, I'll finish the trench lines on the Death Star and post those pics - what I really did this Spring break! But that's another story.... And the pattern is here. Thanks to Hannah for sharing it!

For M., being a teenager, I wanted to make her something more edgy, so found this pattern for an Urbis - love it! Of course, now I have to do a pink and purple one for K.! It's on my list!!! Here's the pattern, and thanks to funkyflower for sharing it!
I might have to make her a cheerleader Urbis -- I'm still in search of the perfect pattern to make a cheer critter in her school colors...

Amigurumi World - eggs and chicks

For Easter, I made some eggs and chicks from "Amigurumi World," as well as some knock off imitation marshmallow chicks and bunnies (see separate post above), and some plain eggs. K. appropriated them all, of course!

Amigurumi World = 2 new amis

I made two more amis from "Amigurumi World - Seriously Cute Ami," pink bunny and a purple turtle for K. Did I mention that purple is her favorite color? She still wants me to make all the rest from that book, and oh yes all the animals from the other three books I just picked up at Borders, so she will be keeping me busy for just a bit!