Friday, August 14, 2009

KNIT A SQUARE for AIDS orphans in South Africa!!!

There are an estimated 1.4 million orphans in South Africa, many of them as a result of losing their parents to HIV AIDS. The number is growing - over 500 children a day become orphans. This is a terrible and mostly unrecognised human tragedy. has been recently set up to ask the knitters and crocheters of the world to send an 8 x 8" (20 x 20cm) square or more to specified charities in South Africa, and soon Zimbabwe, where they will be made up into blankets for these children.

The orphans live in terrible poverty. They need love, shelter, food, education and warmth. Many charities are working hard to provide the first four. The knitters and crocheters of the world can provide the last.

For more information on Knit-a-Square, check out the Official Site

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Japanese Amigurumi Books

Ok so have I told you that I am absolutely smitten with Japanese amigurumi patterns?! I had first bought Amigurumi Collection 6 from Saucy Louise in Okinawa, and as a birthday present to myself, I've bought five more (Dad's birthday money helped to fund my latest shipment!). The diagrams are easy enough to follow, once you understand the Japanese writing -- had to google that one, lol. I would love to have a translation of all the step-by-step instructions that go along with. I was looking at Japanese dictionaries at Borders yesterday, and they are quite thick and pricey, maybe next time...

So far, I've made a ladybug, dinosaur, and squirrel from #6, and K. wanted a purple chihuahua out of Ami Ami Dogs 2, so I finished that one last week.
The legs are jointed, so the pup can stand, sit, or lie down, and K. just loves that.

The squirrel is our dog Kari's. :-)

My goal is to make one of everything in each of the Japanese books, we'll see if I can pull that one off, Julie/Julia Project-style! In between everything else I've got going, of course...