Sunday, October 27, 2013

All Out of Love

All right, time to admit it -- I'm all out of love with my Aeolian shawl. The beads are really getting me down, and  just past the  half-way mark, so the rows are getting longer and longer, so taking much longer to knit through each. It's the same thing you face with every top-down shawl, unfortunately. I can't really change the beading plans, as I've proposed it as fully-beaded to my OWL examiner at the HPKCHC, and I'd feel like a wimp if I changed it now. Sigh.  I did submit 50% in time, so earned the 75 midterm points for Ravenclaw, but I just don't know if I can complete it by the end of November.  I think I'd rather put it aside and work on it when I'm inspired to work all the beads, than push through it, not enjoying the process, and resenting it afterwards. I haven't fully decided yet -- just felt the need to vent a bit. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Aeolian at 20%

For this Term's OWL project, I've chosen to knit an Aeolian shawl with the Polwarth/mulberry silk in Black Eye that I spun as part of last Term's OWL. I'm knitting the full size, fully beaded version. 

I have to say, the beads are pretty but they sure slow it down immensely. I'm about 20% completed, and I'm not sure I can get it done by the end of November, and get any of my holiday gift knitting done. sigh....

I'm plodding along though, and will do my best! It's very cool to be working with my own handspun, though I'm finding all my inconsistencies as I go, lol. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

My New Love!

She's a Kromski Minstrel, in Mahogany finish. She arrived at the end of March, and I've been learning to spin with her ever since. Her name is Katheryn, after my maternal great-grandmother. 

She's been to a spinning class, and she's traveled with us cross-country already to visit with our family.  I love that she's compact enough to fit into both the vehicles, so we can spin wherever we want!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year, everybody! Even though I'm a bit groggy from staying up late last night to ring  in the new year, I love January 1st, with its promise of a fresh start for the new year. My plans? More knitting and crocheting, of course :), along with being the best mom and wife I can be, and doing the best job I can at work. I'm going to try to balance things a bit better; we'll see how I do.

It's the first day of the new Term for the HPKCHC, as well. I'm a Sixth Year Ravenclaw, Charms Professor this Term, and really excited to be Ravenclaw Quidditch Assistant again too! My plan for this Term is to make as many blanket squares, hats, and maybe some go-overs and vests that I can for Knit A Square.  Now that gift-making is over, I can refocus on KAS. Check out the latest video ezine -- it's so wonderful to hear Sandy and Rhonda's voices, and to see more pictures and videos of the children they are helping. 

Let's see, what are my current active WIPs that I have a chance of finishing?

I have some gifts for friends I'm still working on, so won't post those here in case they peek. ;)

Advent Calendar Scarf 2012 - I'm on Day 6 of 24. This one is actually just for me, which is probably why it's taking me so long.

Percy Monster for Newtown, CT, through 600 Monsters Strong. I had knit a Penelope, but DD2 fell in love with her, so I caved and let her have it (with purple feather, below). I'll have to knit another one, as I wanted to send at least two to them.

Ron Weasley blanket. I have one and a half rows to finish, though I'm thinking of adding perhaps another two rows and wide border, so that it fits our queen-sized bed better and stays put at night. This is the last stretched-out pic, though there are 7 1/2 rows now. Time for an updated photo shoot!

Prayer shawl for D. This one is embarassing - it's over a year old wip. I have to finish it to send to my old boss; I started it when her dad passed away, and then she lost her mom. So sad.

I'd like to start planning out holiday gift knitting and get started this summer, so I'm not crafting at a mad scramble again to finish things at 3AM! We'll see how things go.
Well here's wishing everyone a safe and healthy New Year, full of yarny goodness!