Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter amis

I wanted to make special Easter amis for each of our kiddos, I had grand visions of making lots and lots of eggs, chicks, knock off imitation marshmallow chicks and bunnies -- and it just never happened. :-( Maybe I should start now, for next year -- after I get through this year's birthday and Christmas presents first! A hooker's job is never done, I'll tell ya! lol
Ok, K. got the traditional Easter bunny ami, made with Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn!" so it's nice and soft. Here's the pattern - thanks to Britainy at craftymummy2two for sharing! Her arms and legs were tough to do, being so thin, but at least I didn't have to stuff them! I'm happy how she turned out, she's very cute and K. loves her.

S. wanted a blue bird when he saw the yellow one I had made, so here he is, perched on the Death Star shelf in his room. Someday, I'll finish the trench lines on the Death Star and post those pics - what I really did this Spring break! But that's another story.... And the pattern is here. Thanks to Hannah for sharing it!

For M., being a teenager, I wanted to make her something more edgy, so found this pattern for an Urbis - love it! Of course, now I have to do a pink and purple one for K.! It's on my list!!! Here's the pattern, and thanks to funkyflower for sharing it!
I might have to make her a cheerleader Urbis -- I'm still in search of the perfect pattern to make a cheer critter in her school colors...

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