Wednesday, May 19, 2010

KAS business/calling card

Ok folks, we have a new resource available -- a printable business/calling card! Sandy tweaked my idea and has incorporated the KASCare logo, and it's in hi-def images and just beautiful. I've uploaded an image of it on my page.

She will post it on the main KAS page under resources, but in the meantime, if you would like a copy of the .pdf, please just email me here and I will forward it out to you. It is two cards across by five cards down, so 10 in all on the page, with cutting lines so you don't need to have business card stock to print and use them. They are beautiful in color, but equally lovely in black and white, if you don't have a color printer. Or if you do, you could print just one page, and bring it to a local copy shop to print color copies and maybe save some of your color print ink.

Print up a bunch and bring them to your local yarn shops, drop them around town during your errand runs, hand them out to anyone you meet, and especially keep a stash in your knitting/crochet bag so when people ask what you are making as you happily knit/crochet squares, you can hand them a card and they can come check it out! :-)

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