Sunday, June 13, 2010

Squares and socks

I volunteered to help keep the KAS tally for Sandy's call for 55,900 squares Jun thru Aug. It's so exciting to see the numbers grow day by day! All the KASers are just amazing in their response to the call. Over 3,600 so far!

My shoulder was hurting from crocheting too many squares recently, so I took a bit of a break and started my first pair of socks. Well, started again - I wasn't in love with the free pattern from the store, so I've been in search of one to use, frogging the first cuff several times.

I settled on the Universal toe-up sock formula by Amy Swenson on, and ended up restarting the toe twice. Sigh... First it didn't look right, then it was too loose. I mismeasured my swatch gauge. Hey, at least I made a swatch!

So far I have 3" done! It's self striping Patons Kroy socks jacquards in fern rose jacquard colorway. 75% wool/25% nylon. Making 1" cuff anklets so I can wear them in the warmer weather. Who knows, if I can get the hang of it, I may be making everyone socks for Christmas. ;)

Oh and I made two squares today as well, feeling guilty that I only have 113 done so far lol!

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