Saturday, July 24, 2010

152 squares for Knit A Square

We have posted over 14,000 squares for Knit A Square so far, and I've made 152 that I've been saving up to ship and try to do one each day to meet the 55,900 squares need by end of August. The number is daunting, but I believe that God will make a way where there is no way, as a good friend once taught me.

I'm also working on a wedding gift for my brother and his bride for their August wedding, so that's taking up some of my time outside of work, as well. I feel guilty not spending 100% of my free time on squares, but I have to get this gift done in time. I'll do a big reveal but after the wedding, just in case!

Seems I can't ever have just one or two projects going. Besides memorial squares I promised to make, I'm also making a Refreshing Afghan for Bopchie in lapghan size to bring to her during our road trip visit.

I've also started an attic24 Lucy-inspired granny stripes lapghan for us here, meaning probably just for me. But it will probably find a different home, seems they always do.

Then there's the cheerleader ami I started last year for M., washcloths I've planned to do, and Christmas gifts to start on. The navy and white scarves I have to redo and more to make so we all 5 have one for football games this fall. Oh and the Every Way Wrap I started for myself in Impeccable cadet blue.

Pretty sure there's more waiting patiently in bags in my office. I'm just a WIP factory! Better update my Ravelry notebook so I don't forget anything.

Oh yes, and my first pair of socks as well....

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  1. You are amazing Rona - so much energy. I love this blog! And how wonderful to have all the links to the sites. So hope you are sharing this with folk on the forum! Sandy