Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas countdown 48 days!

I just downloaded a Christmas countdown app, and there are 48 days left! 48 days to knit and crochet gifts, not to mention cleaning, decorating, shopping, baking, cooking - its overwhelming.

All I have to say is thank Heaven for FlyLady! Check out her Holiday Control Journal at After several years I'm embarrassingly still just a sporadic FlyBaby, but her routines work. I love the Thanksgiving menu mailer, too. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail, and that's the truth! Ok, so much for the FlyCommercial - just check it out, you'll be so glad you did, I promise!

Happy Sunday, hope you are enjoying the extra hour that comes with the time change. Me, not so much - I can never seem to sleep in when I could, so of course I was up and at 'em at 6-ish with our Little Lady this morning. No problem, we're enjoying a leisurely morning cuddling under afghans to stay warm in the chilly hours. Rugrats marathon via the Wii-flex it is! [Netflicks through the Wii]

I stabbed two fingers on my right hand at the Home Depot on Friday, love the nasty staples on the packaging. We had a broken water pipe in the playroom's baseboard heating (boiler system), and luckily the fourth plumber we called was able to see us that afternoon, and we had to break concrete to expose the pipe so he could replace it. My husband did an amazing job excavating it, and by late afternoon we had heat again on the main floor, and for way less money than we feared. Thank you, Jesus!!!

So I'm working on Christmas gifts that I have less than 48 days to complete and wrap, even fewer if I want to ship any out East, and my fingers are still pretty sore holding the crochet hook. I have squares to make for Knit A Square, and finger puppets and small dolls to knit for the AIDS orphans in South Africa as well. It'll all get done, I just need to skip some sleep, lol!

So there you have it - one over-stretched working mom trying to make some home made gifts full of love outside of working hours, balancing work and three kids and a husband, plus cub scouts, kempo karate, and possibly cheerleading again. Here's praying we survive the season without too many meltdowns and nervous breakdowns.

Happy Sunday!!!

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