Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knit A Square at our school's holiday bazaar today

My son and I are off to our school's holiday bazaar this morning, where we have a booth for our Square Circle Knitting & Crochet Club! We're selling mini KAS square ornaments for $2 to help raise money for our club's postage fees this year. Every ornament sold will have a Knit A Square business card attached. :)

We also have handouts - cards and rulers - to spread the word about Knit A Square!

We have a spot for folks to have a go - knit or crochet a row, and we'll be working on squares all day long as well. 

Praying we spread the word to new folks who haven't yet heard about Knit A Square, and that they tell their friends, and so on!  Wish us luck!

Ok I have to run now, finish my hair before it dries in this crazy condition - need to be presentable and proud in my KAS shirt, to represent! :-)  Sorry for all the exclamations, but I'm very excited!!!

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