Sunday, October 27, 2013

All Out of Love

All right, time to admit it -- I'm all out of love with my Aeolian shawl. The beads are really getting me down, and  just past the  half-way mark, so the rows are getting longer and longer, so taking much longer to knit through each. It's the same thing you face with every top-down shawl, unfortunately. I can't really change the beading plans, as I've proposed it as fully-beaded to my OWL examiner at the HPKCHC, and I'd feel like a wimp if I changed it now. Sigh.  I did submit 50% in time, so earned the 75 midterm points for Ravenclaw, but I just don't know if I can complete it by the end of November.  I think I'd rather put it aside and work on it when I'm inspired to work all the beads, than push through it, not enjoying the process, and resenting it afterwards. I haven't fully decided yet -- just felt the need to vent a bit. 

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