Sunday, May 17, 2015

Gardening take two

So I hate to admit, after we planted our spring garden plants, frost hit and we lost the basil and tomatoes, and the rosemary and parsley took a hit but survived, somewhat. 

Enter hail season, and the rhubarb was decimated. 

Today I dared to buy another basil, and also a sweet mint, oregano, and thyme. I repotted the chocolate mint together with the sweet mint in a new pot, and potted the new Italian herbs together. I'll keep that one on the back stoop, at least until the sun gets too hot for them there. 

We finally received the "free" trees from the Arbor Day Foundation (for a  donation, and a worthy cause to help plant trees in the forests), but they're way smaller than anticipated. They also shorted us three dogwoods, which they can't ship again until the fall. We've decided we'll donate the baby trees (above, bottom right) to the elementary school's garden club, of which DD2 is a member. 

We're bringing them to school this week, and I think we'll plant carrots across the bottom of the garden where they are now, and try some corn towards the top of the bed. 

Praying it all grows! It'll be good for DD2 to take care of during the summer, give her something to do. :)

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