Friday, July 20, 2012

Quality time with Ron Weasley

Back in February, I started the Ron Weasley Blanket. The pattern is as faithful to the movie blanket as possible. I thought that as garter stitch squares, it would be a good, mindless knit for my post-surgery time, and it was. It's written as 80 squares to be knit and sewn together afterwards. I'm trying to join as I go, to eliminate sewing so many edges together. So far, so good. I'm knitting the diagonal squares separately and then sewing them in and continuing to pick up and knit the next square.

This worked really well in the winter. Now that we have 90 degree weather outside and the AC going in the living room, it's not so fun to knit with a growing afghan on one's legs, even if one is directly in the path of the AC!

I'll have to get creative with the positioning somehow. My July classwork is done and handed in for the HPKCHC, and Ravellenics/Quiddyllenics doesn't start until Friday afternoon, so I can have some quality time with my Ron Weasley blanket.

Until classes start up again in September.

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