Monday, December 14, 2015


So I have been pathetic in keeping up with this blog -- not that anyone reads it, anyway. :). 

Our garden did fairly well, every thing produced except for the raspberry sapling that died quickly and the blueberry bush that just sat there. The corn only grew one foot high and also sat there. I know we should increase the soil depth, maybe that will be an option next spring. 

In the meantime, we have 10 baby trees hanging out there, from the Arbor Day Foundation. Hopefully these will live longer and we can transplant the dogwoods to permanent homes in the backyard, and donate the rest to the school. Last year's didn't make it there, where they were transplanted. 

I finished a massive Tunisian crochet blanket for my OWL project, Winter Is Coming, and I just love it. It's a wonderful pattern and the designer has a CAL going, and is very helpful in answering questions and sharing tips. Had a great time making it, and I'm relieved it's done!

New House Cup term is starting on Jan 1. Ravenclaw won both the House Cup and Quidditch Cup, and we're all elated! I'm back on House Staff, working with the blog for the first time. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. 

This term, I'll be proposing a Morticia beaded shawl for Astronomy in MadTosh Tosh laceweight in a gorgeous red colorway. Two subjects to complete, and I'll be OWL Mistress. Very exciting. 

I need to post my completed OWL and NEWT projects here for posterity - to do list!  Right now it's all in Ravelry. 

Christmas is next week, and I am busy working on gifts, mostly hats and mittens, though there's a mermaid tail halfway done that may be gifted as a WIP with skein attached and completed as soon after the holiday as I can  manage. :)

Happy Monday!

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